When your Mini Cooper needs repair work in Bellingham, WA stop over at Harmony Motorworks. We have a proven track record for reliable work and personable employees. We have been proudly working on European vehicles since 1979, which means we've been around the block a few times and have worked on a lot of cars. There isn't a lot that we don't know about being a Mini Cooper mechanic.

Dealer Alternative

Harmony Motorworks wants to be your dealer alternative for your next Mini Cooper service in Bellingham and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to be the best - the best for both service and pricing. We like to think we are well on our way to achieving our goal, or at least many of our customers think so. With over 30 years of experience we have helped hundreds of customers with their vehicle service needs. Why not join the ranks of our repeat clientele?

ASE Certification

Our technicians are ASE certified, which means they had a minimum of two years of actual experience beneath the hood of a car before they could even take the certification test. Our technicians haven’t memorized a repair manual; they actually know cars and have worked on them. Our technicians also use the latest diagnostic equipment with fully updated software.

Independently Owned

Harmony Motorworks is an independently owned, full-service garage that specializes in European vehicles. That means we offer all of the same service as a dealership without the high prices. We aren't a dealership, which means that we have lower overhead and the overhead savings is passed on to all of our customers. We don't have salesman and you don't need to worry about an upsell. We will give you an honest assessment at the best price possible. So the next time your Mini Cooper needs a diagnostic, scheduled maintenance, or even brake repair - schedule an appointment with us today!

Fast Service

Harmony Motorworks isn't just a little corner shop either; we out grew those small spaces years ago. We have 12 service bays that allow us to service our customers’ vehicles quicker and easier than a less equipped shop and even some dealers. We know that time is money and the extra bays allow us to get your vehicle inspected quicker to get the estimate to you as soon as possible. Our clients come to our Bellingham location from Lynden, Burlington and Ferndale regularly; they know our amazing service is worth a short drive.

The next time you need a tune up or repair give us a call at 360-671-2420, to schedule your appointment. We are conveniently located at 1922 Grant Street, Bellingham, Washington.

We are an authorized Bosch Service Center, certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, and a member of the Automotive Service Association.

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